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Washington, DC, US

Smarter DC Submission


Smarter DC has provided this submission process to help you focus and build better proposals based on the values of the Bowser Administration.

Before you fill out our form please consider the following:

  • Operational Efficiency + Resiliency
    DC prioritizes maximizing public benefit and ensuring financial, operational, and environmental sustainability.
  • Equity + Accessibility
    Always check for and address barriers in your product or service that may result in inequitable service delivery or unintended biases.
  • Do you know DC?
    No really, do you? The quickest way to our heart is to show us how your product or service addresses the needs of DC (government or its residents).
  • The District places a high value on open data, privacy and cybersecurity. Show us you do too.
    Do your policies comply with existing best practices?
  • Solve a real problem and provide proof of concept.
    Strong and well evidenced use cases which demonstrate need, business case and public benefit.
  • Don’t submit a pre-formatted sales pitch.
    We can tell when companies CTL-FIND-REPLACE City X with DC. Not cool.

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Tell us who you are and what you are trying to do.

Are you submitting a product or a service?

What are you requesting from DC Government for this service?

Who is the end user of your product or service?

Are you currently or have you ever done business with the DC Government?

Have you attempted to contact anyone in DC government before this?

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Have you deployed or tested your product or service with real people, ideally in the field?

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Does your product or service address any DC specific policies, long-term plans or regulations?