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Child Protection Register (CPR) Check Form

Welcome to the Child and Family Services Agency Child Protection Register (CPR) Check Form processed by DCHR!

If you are a DCPS candidate or affiliate, please email the DCPS Clearance team at for assistance. DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION VIA THIS PAGE.

This form is ONLY for individuals working in Public Charter schools/programs or affiliated with OSSE Division of Early Learning (DEL) programs.

DCHR will submit the required CPR application on behalf of your agency to establish whether an individual has a record of substantiated abuse or neglect of a child. A CPR check is a civil, not criminal, records check. CPR results are NOT part of any national registries and must be checked separately in each jurisdiction where the applicant lived or worked.

You must immediately do the following:

1. Complete the online application (Click 'Next' button below).

a. In the section titled, 'WHO IS REQUESTING THE CHECK?' it must list the following POC: Attention To Tamika Cambridge Title CRM Organization Requestor DCHR Address (City/State/Zip) 1015 Half Street SE WDC Requestor Phone # 202-442-9700 Fax N/A Email

b. Applicants for employment/volunteering in DC must include addresses for the last 5 years.

c. You must sign the application.

2. Upload the completed application along with a picture of your state-issued driver's license or identification card below.

If you need additional support, please contact the DCHR Policy and Compliance Team at

Top Tips for Getting CPR Check Results Back Quickly CPR Tip Sheet , DC CPR Tip Sheet

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D.C. Child Protection Register (CPR) Check Form

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