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Office of the Chief Technology Officer, Washington, DC, US


Library by Mail

Provider Certification

Library by Mail (formerly L-STAR) is a free service to eligible Washington, DC residents to borrow and return library books and DVDs through the mail. DCPL staff will use your library card to check out materials on your behalf. This service is customized to the reading and video interests of the patron.

Who is Eligible
Washington, DC residents who are unable to come to the library due to permanent or temporary disability or underlying health conditions. A medical provider, licensed social worker, or professional staff of a hospital, health or social service agency needs to certify eligibility.

Definition of Temporary
A temporary disability or underlying health condition lasting up to one year or less.

Definition of Permanent
A permanent disability or underlying health condition lasting one year or longer.

Registration Options
Option 1:
  • Complete the application
  • Create and Apply your electronic signature
  • Use the “Finalize and Submit” button to submit the application
  • Provide your Certifier’s name and Email address
Option 2:
  • Print the application
  • Complete and sign the application
  • Have your provider complete and sign the “Certification of Eligibility” section
  • Return the application to: Center for Accessibility, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library, 901 G Street NW, Room 205D, Washington DC 20001; or by email to

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For more information, call 202-727-2142.
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