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Washington, DC, US


DC Judicial Nomination Commission Electronic Application/Nomination Submission: Chief Judge Designation

Applicant/Nominator Information

Full Name of Applicant or Nominee

Application Materials

Statement of Interest or Written Nomination

JNC Form 22 Applicant Identification Form

JNC Form 23 Authorization to Release Information

JNC Form 25 DC Tax Check Waiver

JNC Form 26 Notarized Release from Liability OR JNC Form 29 Certification

JNC Form 27 Medical Certification

IRS Form 14767 Consent to Disclose Tax Compliance Check

MPD Criminal History Request Form (PD Form 70)

Ten (10) Significant Opinions Authored

List of Committee Assignments Over the Past Eight (8) Years

Please retain an original copy of all forms for at least 60 days following the application deadline stated in the Notice of Vacancy/Term Expiration. 

PLEASE NOTE: Application materials are periodically updated. Applicants must use the current version of all application materials. Application materials must be received no later than 12 pm on the date stated in the Notice of Vacancy/Term Expiration. Incomplete, late, or outdated application materials will not be considered.

Application forms and instructions are available at: