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Office of the Chief Technology Officer, Washington, DC, US


The Commission on Out of School Time Grants and Youth Outcomes (OST Commission) is currently developing the OST Strategic Plan for the next three years (2022-2025). Over the next three years, the OST Commission and the OST Office will focus on the following four strategic priorities to achieve our vision.

  • Funding & Capacity Building
  • Quality
  • Outcomes
  • Coordination & Collaboration

Each strategic priority will remain anchored in our values of youth voice, equity, commitment to learning, and mutual respect and responsibilities. 

Please provide feedback, input and suggestions of what you wish to see included in the next OST Strategic Plan. 

General Feedback

Funding and Capacity Building

*Previous Mission & Vision

The OST Commission prioritizes closing the gap in OST program capacity; this is achieved when all Washington, DC youth have equitable access to diverse, high-quality programs in locations convenient to them.

The OST Commission will support Learn24 in closing the gap in OST program capacity by guiding the OST Office in its mission to provide financial, technical, and educational resources to a wide range of OST providers, large and small, who have established trust with their communities and have experience meeting the needs of their communities


*Previous Mission & Vision

High-quality programs engage youth in the authentic expression of voice and choice by providing safe and supportive environments, caring adults, and structured activities. The Commission prioritizes ensuring that all Washington, DC youth have equitable access to high-quality OST programs. 

The Commission will set guidelines for the OST Office on how to define, measure, assess, and increase program quality. 


*Previous Mission & Vision

Outcomes are the strides the OST Commission expects youth will make through participation in OST programs. Outcomes must evolve with young people as they grow physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively.

The OST Commission prioritizes supporting Learn24 in ensuring that all DC youth have access to programs that allow them to achieve outcomes. The OST Commission will guide the OST Office on how to define, measure, and assess outcomes. 

Coordination & Collaboration

*Previous Mission & Vision

To build a strong and sustainable system that supports high-quality OST programs, the OST Office will rely on the help and input of youth, families, OST providers, experts, and government agencies.

To achieve this goal, the OST Commission will encourage connection among various stakeholders including: the OST Office, government agencies, nonprofit entities, parents, and youth.