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Department of Human Resources

1015 Half St, SE, Washington DC 20003

(202) 442-9700

2021 HR Certificate Program Online Application

Part 1: Basic Information

Full Name

Part 2: Employment Information

Supervisor Information  

Current Supervisor Name

Agency Head Name

Part 3: Essays

Please type your essays in Word document and upload into the application.

Please use single-spaced, 12 point font in Times New Roman.  Each essay needs to be 500 words or more.

(Please note: only txt, doc, and docx extensions are allowed)


Essay 1: Why do you want to participate in the HR Certificate Program? What difference will you make for your organization and the people you serve? (500 words minimum)*

Essay 2: What is the most critical issue in human resource management currently faced by the Government of the District of Columbia? Based on your HR experience, how would you address this issue (500 words minimum)?

Essay 3: In what ways do you anticipate being in the HR Certificate Program will benefit you as a HR professional and practitioner? (500 words minimum)

Part 4: Resume

Please use single-spaced, 12 point font in Times New Roman format, 2 pages maximum. Please re-format your resume to meet the 2 pages maximum requirement. Note: Human Resources experience must be clearly presented in the resume.